UFO Foiler

The hydrofoil sailboat for every skill level. This is the boat to get for most everyone that wants to try the new foiling mode of sailing. Flying is now easily attainable for us sailors who aren't pros - and it's a whole new thrill! We are the Authorized Michigan UFO Dealer.

The UFO is a modern design hydrofoiler, based on recent technological advances in sailing hydrofoils, that allows anyone to fly above the water. More stable than the International Moth, beach launch with a simple rig, and a set of fully retractable foils, all for under $8000 USD. The UFO provides the easiest and most affordable foiling experience, while maintaining a one-design philosophy creating close and exciting racing on foils!

  • Unique hull and rig designs
  • Stable on and above the water
  • Small footprint for easy boatyard storage
  • Takeoff from about 8knts of wind
  • Fast, fun, easy to control foiling
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Under $8000 USD
  • Compact for storage and mass transport
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Solid, nearly dent-proof, hull

Boat Specifications


  • 105 inch waterline length + 15 inch rudder gantry
  • 67 inch beam
  • 50 kg all-up ready to sail weight
  • 7.8 sq. meter sail
  • Steve Clark design

This product is not sold online. Contact us for a quote.