Starboard WindSUP Inflatable 12' Zen Board

Based on the Atlas, this is a great all-around Wind SUP for anybody. Take this board anywhere to paddle or sail. The ultimate in versatility! Features strong and durable drop-stitch internal construction. Ideal for travelers and those with limited storage space.

Includes backpack bag and 18 psi double action pump.

2017 WindSUP Inflatables feature 3D Rail Edge technology, a proprietary 3D elastomer compound that follows the contours of the board and creates a release edge that allows the boards to fully plane yet fold and roll up.

Unique new footstrap insert system that’s just 7mm thick and works with regular footstraps (not included).

New mast insert system for 2017: our ‘mushroom’ style insert. By inserting the mast insert from the bottom, the mast insert is held in place securely: the more the sail tries to pull the insert out, the more it stays in place. Traditional mast inserts where a hole is cut into the skin becomes weaker the more the sail pulls, eventually ripping out and leaving a hole where air leaks out. Starboard’s mushroom mast insert is the most secure and safest system in the world.

Tail Width:
288 L