2017/18 Amundson 12'6 TR27 SUP Board

The 12’6” TR series has been our most popular board for several seasons, and for good reason. 12’6” is a great size for most adults, giving them enough extra waterline to feel the increased speed and glide that the TR designs offer. John has implemented a new underwater shape in the nose area. The deep sharp Vee has been replaced by a fuller, more rounded cross-section which helps send more water under the board to initiate planing, as opposed to out to the sides or up in the air and onto the deck. The raised foredeck sheds water, and the slightly recessed cockpit keeps your center of gravity low, while making for a comfortable standing area. The boards also feature our large easy-carry handle and deck inserts for stowing a life-jacket or bag.

The 12’6” TR-27 is a narrower version of the TR-29. At 27 inches wide and 217 liters, it is sized to fit lighter paddlers who don’t need the extra width for stability. For their size, it will have the same combination of speed and stability as the TR-29 for larger paddlers, but more tuned to their geometry because it has the added benefit of allowing the paddle stroke to be closer in line with their narrow shoulders. The narrow width of the TR-27 also makes it slightly faster, for any size advanced riders heading out on the race course. It is built in our Rhino-Lite™ technology, which is the best combination of weight, durability, and value on the water.

12'6 x 27 x 6.1
381cm x 69cm x 15.5cm
217 liters, 30 lbs. (12 kg) 190 lbs. novice,
230 lbs. advanced

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