Neil Pryde 2019 Flight AL Windsurfing Foil

Here now! 2019 Version

 Pryde RS:Flight Aluminum

Flight AL is the 2nd generation of our Freerace aluminium foil. An exceptionally durable and really fast Aluminium Windfoil which offers a wide wind range and functionality, almost as fast as a race foil. Outstanding early foiling. Really forgiving on rail to rail adjustments. The Aluminum mast and perfectly blended fuselage offer the best structure for maximum strength and minimum drag. High pressure moulded prepreg carbon with inner foam wings were specifically developed for high performance hydrofoiling delivering maximum durability to weight ratio. Flight AL flies at the highest point easily.

Foiling for everyone.

Modular system so masts and bases can be interchanged. 2019 Collection Wings are compatible with 2018 Collection pink fuselage and vice versa.


Mast: 850mm

• Front wing span: 730mm

• Tail wing span: 420mm

• Base: Deep Tuttle

• Construction: Aluminum / Carbon All parts dismountable for compact packing

* Padded bag also available.