Aquaglide Amundson 11'0" Superlight Board

Description: High performance all-around board in epoxy sandwich construction for sport and experienced riders.

Specifications: 110L x 29.5W ; 147L, ~23 lbs.

Detailed Info: Geared for the rigorous demands of high-performance paddling and surf, the 11.0 is slightly shorter and thinner than the 11.3. While this board maintains a wide footprint and flat midsection for glide and stability, it offers more rocker, slightly more tuck in the rails and a subtle panel vee tail for serious performance in the surf. An outstanding board for a wide variety of conditions.

Built in epoxy sandwich construction for exceptional light weight, stiffness and responsiveness. Includes a full EVA deck pad, deck box with transport handle, and performance G10 fin.

Technical Features


A semi-custom epoxy sandwich construction that is stiff, responsive and lightweight.Ultra- light EPS foam core is covered with a sheet of high density PVC foam.The PVC is sandwiched between layers of glass that give outstanding structural integrity .Vacuum bagging removes excess resin to minimize weight and further maximize strength.The result is a lighter, stiffer and far more responsive board.

Full Deck

Features a factory-installed, full length EVA deck pad.

Ultra-plush, durable EVA is factory-installed so that all you have to do is go paddle. Embossed snakeskin tread sheds water and provides a comfortable platform with great traction.


Includes a convenient transport handle.

Heavy duty transport handle tucks into inset deck box and stays out of the way when paddling. Adjustable position and height.

Deck Box

Includes inset deck box for optional sailing rig.

When the wind is up, having the option to sail adds incredibly versatility to your standup board! 9" US deck box fits standard mast foot.

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