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    Forward Light 2.0 Trapeze Harness

    The Forward Light Trapeze Harness 2.0 is new for the 2020/2021 season. It has been redesigned for lightness, comfort and support. It is incredibly light weight, has leg straps as opposed to the previous nappy version, and comes with battens sewn into the back to provide back support when trapping out.

    Particular care has been taken around the waist and thighs for ultimate comfort.  The 2.0 has multiple adjustment points to allow for a customizable fit.

    The large stainless steel buckle prevents compression of the pelvis, and the side straps allow a micrometric adjustment to adapt the harness to the optimal body shape, personal preferences and is easily adjustable while under way.

    Key Design Features:

    – Lightweight and comfortable textile construction
    – Padded inseam with a comfortable neoprene fabric
    – Reinforced seat with kevlar abrasion resistant fabric
    – Easy to set and adjust fit
    – Ideal for rec sailing, training, and sailing schools
    – Can be worn with additional lumbar support belt


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