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    Sailsport Marine has been designated as the Weta Trimaran dealer for Michigan.


    All of our new Wetas have the foam cored hulls for stiffness and light weight.

    Weta Marine's good looking Weta Trimaran has a simple rig plan with a boomless square top main, fully battened jib and furling gennaker.The boat is lightweight, quick and easy to rig, and packs up to be the size of a Laser for storage.


    Using the latest technology, the Weta is fast. The boat will easily reach speeds of 15 knots. Blow monohulls away with the speed of a Multi.


    The Weta can be rigged in less than 20 minutes with only 5 lines to control all 3 sails. The mast is so light that even kids can rig the Weta and launch it effortlessly from the specially-designed beach trailer.


    Well balanced and easy to helm on all points of sailing, the Weta is a great boat to learn to sail with no boom to hit your head. Take the Jib off to de-power in strong winds or to let the kids sail on their own. Once on the water simply unfurl the gennaker and blast the Weta into the sunset.


    The Weta has an open cockpit that is safe and secure for kids learning to sail. Sit with your feet in the cockpit and sail for hours on end in comfort, great for anyone less mobile. Being a trimaran, the Weta is very stable with little risk of capsize.


    Sail the Weta single-handed or in any combination of kids, teens and adults - the Weta accommodates up to three adults easily. Use various main, jib and gennaker sail options to suit yourself and the conditions. The Weta is a very exciting, versatile recreational boat. Sail the Weta like a skiff, fully powered upwind then take the jib off and let the kids have a blast.


    At 1.7m wide on the beach trolley the Weta will fit in any garage with ease. In less than 2 minutes transform it into a 3.5m wide beast that will be the envy of all sailors.

    Freight and assembly charges extra

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