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    Starboard S-Type 2000 Wing Foil Set

    New 2021 Starboard S-Type Wings for wing foiling and SUP foiling. The S-Types feel solid, smooth, stable, fast, and secure. They react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The 2000 is a great first time foil for all sports in lighter conditions that still gives good maneuverability and speed. Awesome pick for SUP foiling and lighter wind wing foiling.

    With a dose of high-precision, high temperature CNC-milled molds, a dash of extremely high pressure and some finishing touches by a robot sander. We build  these wings in 100% high-modulus pre-preg carbon fibre using a mix of uni-directional fibres, bi-axial fibres and a proprietary ultra-light core. The wings are unbelievably light, stiff and responsive. A double overlap along the leading edge and trailing edge maximises stiffness and strength.


    Package includes:

    S-Type 2000 Front Wing, RAZR 250 Tail Wing, Carbon 36 Tail Piece, Bolts and Torx Key. Order your Mast Set separately to complete your foil.


     Pair with the Starboard AL V7 Mast Set with Top Plate

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