• Kayaks
  • December 07, 2022

    Hobie Cat Sailboats

    Hobie Cat Sailboats have a new builder and distributor. Both Hobie Cat sailboats and sailboat parts are now being distributed from the east coast through Starting Line Sailing, Inc. and Zim Sailing. This is a big change but we are hoping that we'll have better availability of both boats and parts once they get things rolling. They have promised to continue current Hobie Cat boat models, parts, and accessories with availability starting in the first quarter of 2023.

    We are placing Hobie Cat Sailboat orders right now, so if you want a Hobie Cat for next season, contact us as soon as possible!


    Wings - Get Started This Winter

    Wings are not just for liquid water!

    The time has come to start thinking about getting a wing for playing on the frozen stuff. Learning how to use a wing is much easier on hard water on skis in the Winter. We'll be out there as soon as conditions permit, so track us down to try it out.

    As an added bonus, now that the supply issues have eased some, wing closeout pricing is here. Take advantage!

    We stock the highest quality wings from Slingshot, Duotone, and Takuma. See our wing selection HERE.

    Hobie Kayaks

    Hobie MirageDrive kayak availability is much better now that production has mostly caught up to the major shortages of the past couple of years. We actually have kayaks in stock!

    Hobie's 2023 model year won't bring many changes other than a few different color options. That means saving some money by buying 2022 stock makes a lot of sense. Contact us now for availability of 2022 model year kayaks.

    ILCA Sailboats

    With the decline of LaserPerformance over the years, we've decided that we will start carrying ILCAs from Zim Sailing. Both the boats and the parts and accessories will be easier to get. Being ILCA class legal also adds value. We are taking orders now for Spring delivery.

    Windsurfer LTs Gaining Popularity

    The new "old school" Windsurfer LT is back as the most popular class around. We've had really good luck with the Windsurfer LT as an all-around inland lake board. It really can't be beat as a cottage board to be sailed by anyone anytime. We can package it with a nice light modern rig to make sailing a Windsurfer a whole lot nicer.

    Fulcrum Rocket is Taking Off

    The Rocket sales have taken off, and for good reason. As a lighter, faster, and more comfortable board boat, it checks all the boxes. The Rocket is the simple, yet modern beach boat that's been missing in the market - and just what many people have been waiting for. New sail colors are coming for 2023. Contact us to get your order in now.