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  • December 02, 2016

    Now's the time to buy!
    SUPs, Boats, and more..

    We're trying to clear the way for 2017 product.

    Check out some of the deals online or you can call or email for special deals not listed. We do have many 2016 kayaks, boats, and boards left to sell. Lots of specials are too low to list on the web. Contact us to find out more.
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    Hobie Mirage Eclipse

    The one and only Stand Up Pedal Board

    The Mirage powered SUP is stable, quick, and above all FUN. Step and go for a new experience. Adjustable handlebars with fingertip steering controls make it stable and highly maneuverable for anyone. Durable composite epoxy construction is light enough to rooftop. Available in a 10.5' and 12' and two color options. This is one amazing board! Check it out here. We have a few left in stock and we're taking deposits for Spring boards.



    New Sailsport Site

    We now have a new web site that is a bit faster and more suited for mobile - we know many of you do everything on your phone. It should be easier to use on small screen sizes and checkout is clean and secure.


    Hobie MD180 Reversing Drive

    Hobie Mirage kayaks will come standard with reversing MD180 drives

    Now you can quickly shift your drive from forward to reverse with an easy finger pull. Imagine the Possibilities: backing fish out of cover; safely fishing closer to obstructions; or fishing downstream while holding in current. Hands-free propulsion in any direction means better control: to cast, to present baits, to concentrate on landing bigger fish, or just to explore more. Pictures can be snapped or cold beverage enjoyed on the way back in without ever stopping. Check out the video.


    Foils For Everyone?

    There are new monohulls, cats, and wind foils showing up all over

    We really like some of the new foiling boats and boards coming out - even SUP foils look cool. While the AC catamarans and Moths are getting lots of attention, it looks like foiling may be coming to the masses before we know it. These boats and boards are starting to make it look like it could be easy enough for us non-pro sailors - and costs are coming down, too. We're very impressed with the new UFO Foiler pictured above. At less than $8k, it's in the ballpark cost of a new dinghy. We're serious about getting one to try. We've got a windsurfer foil on the list too. Let us know what you think.


    Keep up with the Vendee Globe

    Amazing foil assisted boats flying through the Southern Ocean

    The single-handed monohulls are flying around the globe at incredible speeds. They are just now getting far enough south to be on the lookout for ice, as if that's the only thing that they may hit out there. There is plenty of drama, and much of it is captured on video. Follow it all at