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  • December 15, 2017

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    Check out some of the deals online or you can call or email for special deals not listed. We do have many 2017 and prior year kayaks, boats, and boards left to sell. Lots of our specials are too low to list on the web. Contact us to find out more.
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    Hydrofoils and More

    Foiling is here! We have foils in stock right now.

    Foiling is all over the sailing scene. The next America's Cup is going to be sailed on fully foiling monohulls that look like funky water bugs, big foiling multihulls are setting crazy distance records, and people are putting foils on everything imaginable. I don't know what the future holds, but flying and sailing are going to play a part. Much of what's out there isn't very applicable to our local scene, but some of it surely is.

    Windsurf foiling is one area that we've had personal experience with - and it's awesome! I do think it'll be the way of the future for light wind windsurfing. Short boards with small rigs will be foiling in light breezes - doing 2-3 times wind speed pretty easily. We have foils starting at $750. Contact us for more info.

    Dinghy foiling has a few manufacturers bringing boats to market, but the most promising to me is the UFO foiler. It's based on a small catamaran hull that can be sailed off the beach, is stable enough to sail in non-foiling mode, can be rigged in less than 20 minutes from the car-top, and it's affordable to boot! I just got one in the shop if you want to see for yourself.

    SUP foils are all over the web too. I do think there may be some good fresh water applications for our smaller waves and for downwinding. I'm not so sure about about it becoming real popular - we'll see. I do want to try it out myself.

    Hobie Mirage Compass

    Hobie has a new Mirage model ideal for all-around use. Stable yet quick, it'll take you in whatever direction you'd like. The Hobie Mirage Compass combines the stability of an Angler with the sleek bow of a Revolution that's great for any paddler. It's got many fishing features, but it's much lighter than the other fishing kayaks. The Compass comes equipped with the proven Glide Drive to make it the most affordable Mirage in the line. Check out the new colors too - available on most of the other Hobies as well!

    Hobie Mirage Eclipse Holiday Promotion - Act Fast!

    Save on the one and only Stand Up Pedal Board

    Take $700 Off of a pair of Eclipses or $250 Off one. Promotion goes through December 31st. Free Winter storage too. The Mirage powered SUP is stable, quick, and above all FUN. Step and go for a new experience. Adjustable handlebars with fingertip steering controls make it stable and highly maneuverable for anyone. Durable composite epoxy construction is light enough to rooftop. Available in a 10.5' and 12' and two color options. This is one amazing board! Check it out here. We have a good stock as of today.

    Weta Custom Colors

    Get your order in now for a custom Weta color

    We are in the process of placing a container order for more Wetas. We'll be getting the new lighter foam cored hulls and if you want something to stand out from the standard gray boat, you now have a chance to order the color of your dreams. Act now! We won't be able to do this again until next year. Due for delivery in the Spring.

    RS Zest

    RS Sailing looks to have another new hit with the compact Zest

    The Zest is the answer for many people looking for a small boat with lots of versatility. It's got capacity for teaching and enough performance for fun. Easy to rig, launch, and sail. Features like a pivoting centerboard and hinge-style mast stepping system that are unlike most small boats in it's class really make it stand out. Coming soon.