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    Exocet S-Cross Silver 115

    Our range of S-Cross boards represents the latest generation of freerace boards developed within Exocet.
    We have completely revised our freerace range with totally reworked new shapes.
    These are boards that have a compact outline, a reworked hull on which we have added a lot of V under the straps to the back of the board. We have thus released the board which has an early planning and remains high on the water while being very lively underfoot. Nevertheless, the rider always keeps an absolute control of the board, even in high range with always an incomparable comfort. This latest generation proves that performance and ease of control are not necessarily conflicting.
    If you are looking for a slalom board that performs well but doesn’t sacrifice ease of use and comfort, the S-Cross is for you. Cherry on the cake, the S-Crosses are equipped with a reinforced foil compatible fin box.






    S-Cross 115





    // Reworked hull for more performance and control.
    // With an ultra-fast planning, the S-Cross stay competitive face to the pure slalom boards.
    // Foil compatible due to a reinforced fin box.
    // Comes standard with MFC H1 Racing fin.

    // SHAPE
    // Compact outline.
    // Reworked hull on which we added a lot of V under the straps to the back of the float.
    // Early planning and remains high on the water.
    // Very lively underfoot.

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