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    SUPer Armor Liquid Shredder 11'6" SUP Board

    11ft 6in Paddleboard Epoxy with ABS SUPer Armor.

    Tough, SUP is 11′ 6″ x 32″ x 4.5″, Vol. 210Lts, only 31.5lbs. Suggested maximum novice weight 225lbs, more for experienced paddlers. This SUP takes impacts from rocks and shells in stride.  High-Density EPS Foam Epoxy Fiberglass with ABS Plastic SUPer Armor.  The 11’6 SUPer Armor Paddleboard Features Rail Reinforcement, Nose Cargo Bungees, Textured Liquid-Comfort Anti Slip Deck Pad, Micro Fiber Pressure Vent, Tri fins.

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