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    Exocet Freefoil 132 Silver Foil Board

    The windfoil board without any constraints: this is the spirit of the Freefoil, boards that take off easily with little power. We have specifically worked on the deck but also on the back of the board to allow to the freerider to take off effortlessly and to chain manoeuvres endlessly, whatever the conditions, while maintaining control.
    The more centered straps position will make it easier to maintain the longitudinal balance, making the Freefoils particularly suitable for sails with moderate surfaces and without cambers, or for wingfoil use.
    For 2022, we have also added US Box boxes to make the Freefoil wing compatible.
    • Includes 4 footstraps


    Freefoil 132 132 Litres  210 cm 86 cm TBC Deep Tuttle Foil Box
    + Double US box
    4.0 – 8.0 m2

    // Shape specifically oriented towards ease and planning start.
    // Pinched tail requiring less power and facilitating the takeoff.
    // Slightly domed deck making the boards less powerful and particularly suitable for freeriding and the use of less powerful foils.
    Deep tuttle box compatible foil and double US Box for Wingfoil.

    // SHAPE
    // Easy take-off with little power.
    // Deck and tail specifically designed to allow the freerider to take off effortlessly and to perform endless maneuvers.
    // US Boxes added to make the Freefoil wing compatible.
    // AST Construction
    - Molded, AST One shot
    - Fiber and glass mat, covered construction with
    with ASA deck and hull skin.

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