Exocet FreeWing 5'10" Wing Board

The totally new range of Wingsurfing boards, Freewing, incorporates all of Exocet’s know-how in terms of shape and foiling boards. Thus, the Freewings have been developed with the main objective of being easy to access, while being versatile and very efficient. They will be able to support you throughout your progress.
The unpublished volume distribution provides a great stability when stopped, which makes the Freewings very accessible and facilitates the take-off by positioning the foil ideally for fly off.
The back-step facilitates the pop while the hollow deck provides stability and response underfoot despite a large volume and thickness of rails.
Once in flight, this volume is totally forgotten, giving boards that are very playful underfoot and well performing, whether in freeride navigation or in waves.
// Marked front concave and bevels to soften the water touch.
// Optimized volume distribution to facilitate the take-off.
// Back-step for easy pop.
// Hollowed deck for stability and responsiveness.
// Shape Damien Le Guen
//Silver conctruction
// CNC-custom// Fiberglass Biax 160g, wood deck and hull.
// Multiple structural reinforcements on the rails.






FreeWing 5'10"




7.1 kg



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