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    Kona One

    The Kona combines the best from the past and present. One of the best selling boards in the world and now a serious One-Design class. The step tail is the key to this board's ability to go from a longboard with great glide to a fast and fun planing machine. The most versatile do it all board made.

    The Kona One board has evolved over the years and is now in its second generation. The first board was made in Thailand. The new generation Kona One is manufactured in China with modern and more environmentally friendly technology. The new board is also 2 kilos lighter than the first. This means that the new board is equipped with a weight adjustment system that is used in class-approved regattas such as world championships and national championships. In this way, generation I and generation II are equal in competition contexts. At the same time, the leisure surfer can enjoy a lighter board that both navigates and planes more easily.

    The Kona One board comes with a 65 cm daggerboard, 46 cm fin, and 4 footstraps.

    Kona One
    volume 220 litres
    length 350 cm
    width 70 cm
    width ( 30 cm from tail ) 36.5 cm
    width ( 30 cm from nose ) 53 cm
    weight (+/-6%) 15.5 kg

    sail size 1.5-9.0 m

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