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    Ezzy Hydra 6.7


    Lightweight and stable, the Hydra is perfect for foiling. Sheet in and the Hydra generates the right amount of power to fly the foil. Sheet out and the Hydra's power gently subsides, lowering the height of the foil to reduce foil-outs. These smooth power transitions are a result of the Hydra's unique 3/4 batten above the boom. Because the batten stops short of the mast, the Hydra's deep forward shape "goes away" (luffs) when the sail is sheeted out.

    We designed the Hydra to have a low foot in order to reduce unwanted turbulence that occurs between the board and the foot of the sail, making the Hydra more stable and easier to foil on than a sail with a higher foot, like a wave sail.

    The Hydra's foot is not so low that it gets in the way while doing traditional freeride and bump-n-jump.

    The large, Dyneema-reinforced X-ply window allows excellent visibility, which is critical for making foil jibes. The main body of the Hydra is built with reinforced scrim.

    Like all of our sails, we rig, check, and calibrate each Hydra Sport in our factory.

    The Hydra is a great choice for anyone wanting a lightweight and balanced foiling sail that can also be used for regular windsurfing. 



    Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
    Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Battens Bottom/Top Extension (cm) Kg
    3.7 353 358 131 141 4 340/340 14-18 2.55
    4.7 395 400 151 164 4 370/400 10-16 2.98
    5.7 434 439 166 179 4 400/430 20-24 3.34
    6.7 454 459 185 199 5 430/430 24-29 3.89
    8.1 482 487 209 223 5 460/460 22-27 4.27