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    Hobie Mast Float - Mama Bob

    Hobie "Mama Bob" with Bracket Mount
    Helps to prevent turtling. Displaces 59 pounds of water. The Hobie Bob mast float will give you the time you need when preparing to right the boat without the worry of going turtle. It also helps to prevent damage to your rig and sails if they happen to touch bottom when capsized. Uses the same brackets as the Baby Bob for mounting. This masthead mounted float is held in alignment with the mast for minimum drag while sailing and is easily removed for trailering or racing.
    Standard on the Hobie Cat Getaway. Can be fitted to Hobie 16 and other masts.
    Includes Hobie mounting kit with hardware and instructions. Requires drilling and tapping on older all-aluminum masts. Could also be attached to many other sailboat mastheads. Requires a masthead with space to attach side plates to. Small single-sheave mastheads like the Hobie 18 need to use the Hobie 30112 Universal Float.
    Hobie part 30119
    Watch the video for installation instructions on an all aluminum Hobie 14/16 mast.

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