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  • HB30112

    Hobie Mast Float - Universal

    Shaft mounted Hobie "Mama Bob"
    Helps to prevent turtling. Displaces 59 pounds of water. The Hobie mast float will give you the time you need when preparing to right the boat without the worry of going turtle. It also helps to prevent damage to your rig and sails if they happen to touch bottom when capsized. This shaft mounted float is held in alignment with the mast for minimum drag while sailing and is easily removed for trailering or racing.
    Fits all cats. This float is made to fit masts that don't have a good mounting surface to attach fixed side plates to. Hobie 17, Hobie 18, and Hobie 21 use this model. Requires drilling and pop riveting of the shaft to the side of the mast.
    Includes all mounting hardware.
    Hobie part 30112