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    Hobie Mirage Sail Kit

    The Hobie Kayak Sail fits on all Mirage Kayak models. It is the unique combination of the MirageDriveTM and the hand controlled rudder that make it work so well. You steer with your fingertips, control the mainsheet with the other hand and pedal with your feet. The fins of the MirageDrive provide lateral resistance, just like the centerboard of a sailboat. You'll be amazed how just a little effort with the pedals will make your Hobie Kayak perform like a considerably bigger sailboat. With your Kayak Sail, you'll go farther faster!
    The sail furls nicely around the mast and can be stowed on the deck, on the right. Stretch cords will hold it in place. The sail can be raised and lowered in a matter of seconds on the water.

    Overall Height:
    10' 3" ( includes mast)
    Sail Area: 20 1/4 sq.ft
    Weight: 1.46 lbs. (Add 2.58 for mast weight)

    Luff: 102"
    Sail Area:
    20 1/4 sq.ft

    >> Large window for great visibility
    >> 2-piece mast
    >> Furling hook to hold sail in rolled position
    >> Downhaul Bungee to insure proper sleeve tension

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