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    Laser Sail - Mark II Full - Rooster

    Rooster OD Replacement Sail for the Laser® Standard.  The sail cloth (3.8oz with a heavy yarn tempering which makes it perform extremely well agaist the official sail)   This is a quality product and will be ideal for those who are looking for the perfect training sail.  Our sail has a little more gust response than the official - making it ideal for sailing on inland waters.

    Tuning Guide:
    The radial cut standard sail does not use the same set up as the original cross cut sail.  It is actually similar to the radial (5.7 - the radial), in that it requires lots more vang/kicker tension to bring the fullness back away from the luff.  I have heard that lighter sailors have got away with a very flat sail on flat water using their outhaul.  This sail is also quite powerful.  The leach stands for longer than the original cross cut, which would work well on inland waters.  Those who have been the happiest when changing to the new official raidial cut sail have been in the heavier weight range.   

    Includes a folded sail bag and battens.

    It does not come supplied with the Laser® class insignia.