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    Magic Marine Smart Trapeze Harness

    The Magic Marine Smart Harness is a great minimal trapeze harness for everyone from beginners and casual sailors, to athletes who want a light harness that does not impede movement. The Smart harness is very comfortable and has an adjustable back support, pre-shaped shoulder straps, and leg straps that feature neoprene padding. Top it all off with a quick-release hook for added safety and peace of mind.

    Ideal for sailing Hobie, Nacra, Prindle and A-Cat catamarans.  The Magic Smart harness is a light, flexible full harness that does not limit freedom of movement and provides good back support for hiking out on the trapeze.

    The most unique feature of the Magic Smart Harness is the quick release spreader bar.  It allows users to quickly eject the spreader bar hook if they were to get pinned in a bad place while harnessed into the trapeze.   The magic marine quick release spreader bar has become mandatory in many youth, scholastic and collegiate sailing arenas.

    Size M 31-33 waist
    Size L 33-35 waist
    Size XL 35-38 waist