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  • NSIWFL-4

    NSI Freedom Wing Waist Leash

    This is the best leash option for Wing foiling. Keeps all the leashes from being in the way. Use the included leash for your wing, then you can also attach your board leash to the waist belt.

    4’ and 5’ leash options - Nearly double when stretched.


    Install/special instructions:    Simply slide the adjustable attachment point around to your back or other preferred point for paddling out. Can be worn alone or over waist harness or PFD. 

    We recommend using the bungee as Wing Leash only and not as a board leash - we cannot warranty board use for Windsurfing and SUP

    Fits waist sizes 26" to 50". After sizing to your needs, belt can be trimmed and the ends burnt to keep the extra flap to a minimum.