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    Powerstick Carbon Catamaran Hiking Stick 64-115"

    Powerstick Carbon Catamaran hiking stick / tiller extension - Yoke style

    Finally! A new hiking stick to replace the Arriba "Hotstick"

    Extends from 64" - 115"

    Carbon twist-lock telescoping extension locks with no moving parts.  The Powerstick locks by twisting the grip either direction.  It is possible to twist the grip 360 past the locking point which is great if you forget which direction you locked it in. The locking action is smooth and grips very well without needing a hard twist. It features a serviceable locking mechanism which ensures years of life and peak performance.

    Comes with protective canvas bag. 

    Suitable for Hobie 16, H18, Prindles, Nacras, or other 7'-8.5' wide catamarans. Also used on Farrier and Corsair Trimarans.

    Easy Maintenance – Tiller can opened up and flushed for optimum performance.

    Repairable – Includes a splicing rod to repair a damaged inner carbon tube if broken in half.  Simply cut off the broken segments and insert the splicing tube with some Marine JB Weld for a quick fix.

    Weight: 0.9 lbs
    Diameter: 1″

    Made in the USA by Sailors for Sailors

    Yoke hardware for connecting to tiller crossbar is NOT included. Order separately: HB3205