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    Rooster AquaPro Glove

    These are super-cozy gloves that are a favorite of ours.

    Following the success of our Aquafleece top, combining the warmth of a fleece inner layer with the wind protection of a Polyurathene outer, we wanted to utilise these same qualities for our new Winter gloves. We have been working hard to further develop the material by increasing the stretch capabilities needed for a comfortable glove. The result is the all new Rooster AquaPro glove with new longer lasting ´Super Grip´ coated palm and velcro strap fastener around the wrist. This ´top of the range´ glove virtually eliminates the wind chill experienced with neoprene gloves whilst still giving the user the control and feel that you would expect from a top product.

    The stretchy material lets many people go a half size down from normal gloves.