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    Slingshot FWIND V3 Windsurfing Foil

    The FWind V3 is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with our crowd-pleasing Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance and progression that backs our claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market.


    91cm (35”) mast, pedestal base, tuttle adapter, switch fuselage, infinity 76cm front wing, 42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel case


    • NEW Neoprene wing covers & Custom travel case
    • NEW 35” Aluminum Mast
    • Infinity 76 Wing for early lift and ultra-low stall speeds with great rail to rail stability
    • Carbon Wings and Forged Aluminum Fuselage for a stiff and responsive ride
    • Tuneable and customizable with swappable wings, mast lengths and fuselage lengths
    • Tuttle adapter and Track adapters to attach to boards of all types
    • Versatile maneuver oriented performance for all-around freeriding and foiling freestyle
    • Switch fuse with 3 wing position setting, allow you to put the lift exactly where you want it

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