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    Slingshot Phantasm PFI 835/710 Lower Foil Set

    The PFI 835/710 Lower Package combination is a high-performance lower aspect front wing that gives it tons of lift, stability, and dynamic performance. At low speeds, it delivers large amounts of lift and foiling efficiency. The front wing's unique inverted gull shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and a self-centering flight that makes foiling both predictable and addicting. The PFI 835/710 Lower Package combination is ideal for foilers in the 175-225lb + weight range. From speeds of roughly 5-15 mph and wave heights of 1 - 5 ft, This lower package is your ticket for all around surf performance.

    •Lower aspect profile of this wing helps it fit into the pocket of smaller waves.
    •Carve and bank turns more aggressively without breaching wing tips or sacrificing overall surface area, low speed flight and pump-ability.


    Package Includes: PFI 835 Front Wing, 710 Fuselage, PS 400 Stabilizer, Neoprene Wing Covers, Custom Travel Case.

    Order your Phantasm Mast separately to complete your foil.