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    Slingshot Wing Raider XL 100 Wing Foil Board

    We started off with a compact outline and forward foil placement that reduces swing weight and provides precise foil control. Key to the design was a shallow concave rail chine that made the board both easy to climb onto as well as float on while waiting for the next gust. Because touchdowns happen no matter your skill level and a nice smooth deflection is a benefit to all riders, we added an extra touch of nose rocker to help you bounce back up onto foil. The list of features on the Wing Raider XL V1 is extensive, aimed to facilitate the pursuit of progression for every level rider. After a few sessions on a Wing Raider XL V1 we know you'll come to enjoy the full gambit of wing-specific utility.


    We wanted a compact shape packed with the latest wingfoil features to bring your wing game to new heights. With progression in mind, we designed this nimble craft to be stable and easy to climb onto while giving a direct to foil feel with minuscule swing weight in the nose.



    • Compact outline for reduced swing weight and precise foil control
    • Generous nose rocker and a V hull for smooth touchdown deflection
    • Shallow concave rail chine for increased stability while floating and efficient takeoff
    • Step tail for quick release while pumping
    • Deck channels for strength and easy to grip when getting on the board
    • Bottom handle for efficient carrying
    • Out-the-back foil tracks for a delightfully easy foil connect/disconnect







    Wing Raider XL 100

    100 lt



    14.3 lbs