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    Starboard Aluminum V7 82 Mast Set with Top Plate

    Starboard masts allow for absolute control and surfing performance. This 7th generation extra-hollow aluminum mast makes it lighter than ever. The triple beam stringer and wide chord makes it the stiffest mast on the market, laterally and torsionally.

    The mast's core is made from extruded Aluminium 6061 that is anodized and then sealed water-tight. The ends are then machined by CNC and spacers made from Akulon (a type of recycled plastic that is extremely tough and stiff) are finally fitted on both ends.

    Two side-bolts allow us to maximise connection strength and stiffness without adding wall-thickness. If you undo these bolts and the two vertical bolts, you can remove the top plate mount and (surprise!) there is a Deep Tuttle fitting inside. 2 in 1. 

    Wing Sets need a Mast Set to make a complete foil.

    Package includes:

    Aluminum V7 82cm Mast, Top Plate Mount, Quick Lock HD 36 fuselage front piece, and Hardware. Order your Mast Set separately to complete your foil.


     Pair with a Starboard Wing Set

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