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    Starboard E-Type 1700 Front Wing

    Starboard E-Type Wings for wing foiling and SUP foiling. The E-Types are higher aspect wings designed for more glide, more speed, with maximum pumping and flying efficiency.

    With a dose of high-precision, high temperature CNC-milled molds, a dash of extremely high pressure and some finishing touches by a robot sander. We build  these wings in 100% high-modulus pre-preg carbon fibre using a mix of uni-directional fibres, bi-axial fibres and a proprietary ultra-light core. The wings are unbelievably light, stiff and responsive. A double overlap along the leading edge and trailing edge maximises stiffness and strength.


    Package includes:

    E-Type 1700 Front Wing for Quick Lock HD

    Needs to be matched with both a tail wing and a mast set for a complete foil.