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    SUPreme Power Phase 2mm Low Boot

    The Power Phase round toe boot is an all around performance boot that offers a perfect balance of warmth, flexibility and comfort. Taking its name from the Power Phase of the paddle stoke, the boot is designed to help transfer power from stroke to board with maximum efficiency, while providing excellent traction control and tactile sensation.


    • 100% sealed seams: glued, blind stitched and taped for crucial warmth in cold conditions
    • Round toe design for comfort and maximum warmth in cooler conditions
    • Lockseal anti-flush closure on the top of boot
    • Superstretch upper for complete flexibility and range of motion
    • New Hyperstretch upper and pull on strap makes the Power Phase easy to put on and take off in all conditions
    • Tri-density construction utilizes 2 thicknesses of vulcanized rubber bonded to an internal neoprene liner. This construction results in a warmer boot without sacrificing board sensitivity and control.
    • Adjustable arch strap locks down foot & prevents sliding