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    Tahe Aria 5'11 Wing Foil Board

    The New Aria 5'11" board is the ideal solution for learning to wingfoil and progressing fast. Its 120L volume makes it a great fit for most sizes of rider.

    The fairly flat rocker profile makes take-off easy, and its bevelled rail guarantees optimum performance as well as reducing risk of snagging when it touches water during turns and when leaning/banking the board. It never « sticks » to the water surface. The reduced rear rocker makes waterstarting simple and makes it more forgiving during in-flight water touches.

    Its Superfly X construction (BiaX Carbon) is extremely tough, stiff and light weight, giving great responsiveness and optimum performance. The deck inserts make foot-straps a perfect option for riders who like a little more hold during jumps.

    The double-rail system helps precision-mount the foil, while the generous deck pad and kick tail guarantee you maximum ride comfort.

    CONSTRUCTION: SUPERFLY X (SFX)  Tough build, rigid, light-weight

    COMPACT LENGTH AND WIDE PROFILE:  Excellent stability on the water and in flight

    REDUCED REAR ROCKER:  Easy waterstarts, and very forgiving when snagging the surface. Never “sticks” to the water

    CLOSE-SET FOOT STRAP INSERTS:  Adapt easily to your riding style

    DOUBLE-RAIL:  Precision-mounting of the foil

    INTEGRAL HULL-MOUNTED HANDLE  Easy transportation with the foil fitted

    EVA DIAMOND-GROOVE DECK PAD AND KICKTAIL:  Premium quality materials for maximum ride comfort







    Aria 5'11

    120 lt



    19 lbs