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    Tahe Aria 6'2 Air Wing Foil Board

    The inflatable Aria 6'2" AIR has a shape and design similar to the rigid board Aria, with increased volume to give increased stability in flight and on the water.

    Conceived for easy riding and to give advanced performance for more experienced riders. Its generous 140L volume means you can learn to Wingfoil in total confidence. Stability on the water allows you to concentrate on handling the wing and making your first flights. Very easy waterstarts.

    The carbon fibre mounting plate under the foot pad is ultra-rigid and helps guarantee performance similar to rigid boards. The board’s Drop Stitch vertical seam construction with glued under-and-over deck, hull and rail reinforcements gives it excellent strength and rigidity. It’s light weight with no compromise on durability.

    The avantages of inflatables: practicality, space gain when transporting and storing, safe landing when you fall off. The deck pad gives maximum ride comfort, also when you’re kneeling.

    HIGH PRESSURE DROP STITCH CONSTRUCTION  Light weight and « rigid » board

    COMPACT LENGTH AND WIDE PROFILE  Stability on the water and in flight

    REDUCED REAR ROCKER WITH HARD EDGE  Easy waterstarts and increased forgivingness when touching/snagging the water. Never “sticks” to the water.

    CLOSE-SET FOOT STRAP INSERTS  Adapt easily to your riding style

    ULTRA-RIGID CARBON PLATE  High performance of a rigid board with the advantages of an inflatable, powerful pumping

    DOUBLE-RAIL  Precision-mounting of foil

    EVA DIAMOND-GROOVE FOOT PAD AND KICKTAIL  Premium quality materials for maximum ride comfort

    INTEGRAL HULL-MOUNTED HANDLE  Easy transportation with the foil fitted

    FOOTSTRAP INSERTS  With 3 foostraps included






    Aria 6'2

    140 lt



    19 lbs