• Kayaks

    Tandem Island Trampoline Set - Sewn Seams

    Heavy-duty mesh trampolines are very well built with these unique features:

    • Designed to look and fit like the stock Hobie® Tandem Island kayak trampolines
    • 12" x 12" storage pocket on the starboard side
    • Paddle restraint strap
    • Made of high-quality and very durable trampoline mesh (8oz. polypropylene basket weave mesh)
    • Sewn with Tenara Teflon thread for ultimate UV resistance.
    • At least 4 rows of stitching in high-load areas (compared to 2 rows from other manufacturers)
    • Multi-layer construction in high-stress sections to better spread the load


    • One-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
    • Both trampoline halves: port and starboard sides
    • Fiberglass rod for aft edge of trampoline
    • 10 webbing straps with buckles to secure aft end of trampoline set.