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    Windsurfer LT Rig 5.7

    The Windsurfer LT complete rig is perfect for freeride sailing, racing or learning.  The complete rig comes with sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, base, and extension. Bring back the days of cruising in light wind and just having fun on the water.  

    The revival of the original windsurfing board has also brought back a revival of the original windsurfing sail! This Mylar/Dacron sail is available in a 5.7 for freeriding and racing. A single head batten and two leech battens give this sail more stability and better user friendly control than the original, while still delivering loads of power even in light winds. Rigging is easy due to a gradual luff curve. Gone are the days of the tie-on boom, as the official Windsurfer boom has a modern clamp on head for easy and secure rigging. This is the sail that made windsurfing fun for everyone, and it is doing it all over again! The perfect sail for cruising the water on light wind days, or for getting into longboard racing with friends.

    • Full rig includes sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, base, and extension
    • Inspired by the Original Windsurfer
    • 2 leech battens
    • Reinforced mylar/dacron cosntruction
    • Concept: Longboard Race
    • Does not include board
    Sail Luff Boom Battens Cams Mast Weight
    5.7 448 220 1 0 460/25 2.6Kg

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