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  • December 22, 2018

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    Save before prices go up in the Spring.

    Check out some of the deals online or you can call or email for the best deals not listed. We do have many 2018 and prior year kayaks, boats, and boards left to sell. Lots of our specials are too low to list on the web. Contact us to find out more.
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    Hydrofoils have arrived!

    We have foils and foiling boats in stock right now.

    Again - Foiling is all over the sailing scene. The next America's Cup is going to be sailed on fully foiling monohulls that look like funky water bugs, big foiling multihulls are setting crazy distance records, and people are putting foils on everything imaginable. I don't know what the future holds, but foiling with sails will play a part.

    We are now a UFO Dealer for most of Michigan! Dinghy foiling has a few manufacturers bringing boats to market, but the most promising to me is the UFO foiler. It's based on a small catamaran hull that can be sailed off the beach, is stable enough to sail in non-foiling mode, can be rigged in less than 20 minutes from the car-top, and it's affordable to boot! I got to sail one for the first time this Fall and it's super cool - and not hard to sail at all either. You really need to consider this if you want to fly. Video Link

    Windsurf foiling is another area that we've had personal experience with - and it's awesome! I still think it'll be the way of the future for light wind windsurfing. Short boards with small rigs are foiling in light breezes - doing 2-3 times wind speed pretty easily. We have foils starting at under $700. Video Link

    SUP foils are all over the web too. I do think there may be some good fresh water applications for our smaller waves and for downwinding. I'm not so sure about about it becoming real popular - we'll see. We have new SUP foils on the way. Video Link

    New Hobie Kayaks

    Hobie has updates and new Mirage models for 2019. The super versatile Compass now has a big brother. The Compass Duo tandem is a perfect family boat. The Compass Duo comes equipped with the proven Glide Drives to make it the most affordable tandem Mirage in the line. The most popular kayak in the line has been completely redesigned for 2019 as well. The new Mirage Outback truly is the SUV that can do it all. Coming this Spring and due to sell out fast!

    Fanatics are back!

    It's been almost 20 years, but we are again a Fanatic Dealer.

    Fanatic boards have been great for many years, but now that they have a good US distributor, we've decided to add the line to our showroom. Made in the best factory in the world and designed by some of the most passionate in the world. You can check out some of the choice windsurfing and paddling boards already in the shop and we'll be adding more this Spring. Closeout models are hard to beat!

    Sunfish sightings!

    We have finally been able to get new Sunfish this year. Deliveries are still a bit sketchy from LaserPerformance, but new boats are available, and they look great! Contact us as soon as possible.

    Wetas in Stock

    We even have a Blue Weta here for sale.

    All of our Wetas will be the new lighter foam cored hulls from here out and if you want something to stand out from the standard gray boat, check out this beautiful blue. Act now!

    RS Zest

    RS Sailing Zest is one of our best sellers

    We sold out of the Zest twice last season! The Zest is the answer for many people looking for a small boat with lots of versatility. It's got capacity for teaching and enough performance for fun. Easy to rig, launch, and sail. Features like a pivoting centerboard and hinge-style mast stepping system that are unlike most small boats in it's class really make it stand out. Get an order in now for Spring delivery.