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  • January 28, 2020

    More Hydrofoil Action

    Foiling is all over watersports right now.

    The funky America's Cup foiling waterbugs are actually sailing at speeds of up to 50 knots now, huge foiling multihulls are setting crazy distance records, and people are putting foils on everything imaginable. I didn't sail more than a couple of times myself without a foil last summer. I'm not sure it'll keep grabbing so much attention in the future, but it sure is fun - and a constant learning experience.

    Dinghy and multihull foiling sailboat options continue to multiply out there but the most accessible boat available right now continues to be the UFO foiler. Every other option is both much more expensive and more complex.

    Windsurf foiling continues to grow, and with a foiling board being selected for the 2024 Olympics, it's sure to continue the expansion. This is another area that we've had personal experience with - and it's awesome! It will be the way of the future for windsurfing in many conditions. Short boards with small rigs are foiling in light breezes - doing 2-3 times wind speed pretty easily. Both boards and sails are now coming out specifically for foiling and they do make the experience better all-around. We have windsurfing foils on sale starting at under $500.

    SUP foils and hand-held wings are all over the web too. There are some good fresh water applications for our smaller waves and for downwinding. The new Slingshot SlingWing seems to be catching on in some areas (video) and I can't wait to try it out with skis on the frozen lakes this Winter. We have new SUP foils and foil boards on the way as well. Video Link

    New Hobie Kayaks

    Hobie has revolutionized the pedal drive once again for 2020. The new MirageDrive 360 now lets you pedal in any direction making for incomparable maneuverability and control! Pro Angler 12 and 14s are now available with the 360 Drive. Check out the Video. All 2020 premium Hobie MirageDrives are now equipped with kick-up fins as well. Pedal through areas with logs, rocks, or shallows with more peace of mind. Check it out here. Coming this Spring! Order your today.

    Inflatables are Advancing

    Inflatable boards have been getting better and better. The most advanced factories in the world are turning out light and stiff boards that are supremely portable and less expensive than ever. You can now turn to inflatable construction for both windsurfing and paddling boards that are durable and user-friendly. We'll be continually adding more options this Spring.

    Windsurfer is Back!

    The Windsurfer brand has returned with a more modern board but the same old versatility and fun that started it all! The new Windsurfer LT is lighter, floatier, faster, and more stable for a big boost in performance. It will help you rediscover the wonders of windsurfing with it's versatility, especially in light and shifty winds. The Windsurfer LT brings back what made the sport accessible and exciting for all - only better.

    2020 Weta North American Championships Coming To Michigan!

    Muskegon will host the 2020 Weta North Americans next Summer! We're excited for Weta sailors from all over to experience our fresh clear water! If you want to get in on the action, now is the time to get your custom color Weta deposit in. We are getting ready to finalize our container order for 2020 Wetas. Some of the new boats we've seen have had different deck colors and they look really sharp. All new boats are the lighter and stiffer foam cored hulls and come with the new class legal SQ mainsails as well. Contact us now.

    RS Sailing Free Dolly Deal

    Hurry - Ends December 15th!

    RS Sailing has partnered with Dynamic Dollies to offer any new customers a free Dynamic Dolly with their new RS boat if it’s purchased before December 15th 2019. That's a huge value on a great product. Contact us for details before it's too late!